Welcome to the Realms of Evan Dave!

Evan Dave has been interested in history since he was seven and writing since he was eight. When he got his first computer, he immediately began writing stories.

In college, Evan initially tried his hand at game design, only to discover he was a better writer than he was a programmer. He therefore transferred to Rutgers University, where he graduated magna cum laude in history with a minor in creative writing. His passion for history inspired ideas for his stories, and he started his first novel in 2016.

In addition, Evan is a world traveler and scholar. In his spare time he likes to wargame, visit museums and read, especially histories.



Zakil Nagim, scholar of Daru-Salaam, must complete his thesis by venturing into the haunted ruins of Car-Thum. Once a great mountain kingdom, Car-Thum was overrun by hordes of bloodthirsty goblins long ago, led by a fire demon. To study this city, he joins a Celaronian lady, Cara, who leads a team to rescue her sister from the mountain. And along the way he learns more about the fearsome goblins of Car-Thum.

Upon entering the ruined city, however, Zakil is captured by the goblins, and discovers nothing is as it seems. The demon may or may not be real, and the goblins he has learned to fear are in fact fighting for survival against the Celaronians, who enslaved them in ages prior. With the shocking discovery splitting his party down the middle, Zakil finds himself thrust into a struggle in the gloom between the fierce goblins and the ruthless human invaders in the darkness, all while hoping to discover the truth about the ancient kingdom.

The story is a subversion of common fantasy tropes, similar to George RR Martin’s A Game of Thrones, Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher series and Kirill Eskov’s The Last Ringbearer. It touches upon themes such as imperialism and perspectives.


A young nobleman, Nguyen Viet Lieu, returns from exile to his homeland of Cohinang, and is taken in by the mandarin Chinh family. While he wants nothing more than peace after years abroad, he finds his beloved nation in turmoil. The king immerses himself in intrigues at court, far removed from the plight of his people, Nobles jockey for favor, at Cohinang’s expense. Rebels plague Cohinang’s countryside, threatening civil war. All the while, the mighty Daochung empire menaces from the East...

With help of the Chinhs and an exiled warrior, Lieu takes it upon himself to do what he can to save his home and end the bloodshed. But upon venturing into the countryside, he finds the situation is more convoluted than he thought. And as battle lines are drawn, he and his companions find it increasingly difficult to steer a middle course-and ultimately must choose a side.

From the lords in their palaces to the peasants in their fields, the struggle for Cohinang is just beginning...

Based on the legends and history of Vietnam, Cohinang is another epic tale from Evan Dave


Still smarting from a civil war decades ago that saw its empire collapse and fracture, the realm of Yukraydia is slowly recovering. Its king, Haldar, seeks to restore the nation to its former glory by reuniting the provinces after years of division.

However, all is thrown into turmoil when assassins attack Haldar. His closest confidant, Ritislav, investigates the killers, all while trying to prevent Haldar’s worst instincts from plunging Yukraydia into yet another civil war-and further fracturing the once great nation.

Meanwhile, dark forces are stirring. As Ritislav investigates the attack, his lieutenant Taron discovers a plot by necromancers to unleash death and destruction upon Yukraydia...

Based on the history and legends of medieval Slavdom, Shadowsword is another thrilling tale from Evan Dave.